Check here after every Cascade Sports Car Club race to see your name up in lights!!

Well… on screen at least…

That’s a wrap! And what a year it’s been. Huge thanks to all of you who raced with us. Check the listings below for all the race results and we’ll see you next season, which will be here before you know it so get working on your cars!

2020 Results

2020 Cascade Festival of Endurance Results:

The Enduro results are in… Congratulations to our winners and THANK YOU to all the racers and teams. We’ll see you next year!

2, 4, 8 Hour Endurance races (2)

2, 4, 8 Hour Laptimes (1)


Dash for Kids Results:

Saturday all Races

Sunday Races All

Chicane Challenge / Gary Bockman Memorial Race Results:

Saturday Races

Sunday Races

Link to Updated Standings for the NorthWest Mini-Enduro are below:
2020 NWMECS Standings

2019 Results

2019 Enduro Results:

2-4-8 Hour Endurance Races

2-4-8 Hour Laptimes


Dash For Kids Results

Rose City Opener

All Races

Chicane Challenge

All Sat Revised Races

All Sun Revised Races All Sat Revised Races

2018 Results

Cascade Enduro Results:


Revised 4 Hour Enduro –Revised

8 hours of Cascade -Revised


June Results:

All Saturday Races

All Races Sunday

All Laptimes Saturday

All Qualifying Sunday

All Saturday Qualifying

All Laptimes Sunday

May Results

All Races

All Times

All Qual

2017 Cascade Enduro Results:

8 hours of Cascade – Race FINAL PDF – RaceFull

4 HOURS OF THE CASCADES – Race 4 Hours of the Cascades FINAL PDF – RaceFull 2 HOURS OF THE CASCADES – Race

2 hours of the Cascades – RaceFull

2017 Season Race Results:

Rose City Opener

Dash For Kids All Races

Combined Race 2 Chicaine Challenge

Combined Race 1 Chicaine Challenge