Once again it’s time for Cascade Sports Car Club to nominate Board Members for the upcoming
year. Unfortunately it has become increasingly difficult to find people willing to put the time and
energy into managing and maintaining the club. Many of the people who regularly run or volunteer
for Board Membership and other key positions are getting older. Many have expressed a desire to
at least slow down if not retire completely. This all comes at a time when we have experienced
increases in management requirements. Government, IRS, ICSCC , PIR and Insurance rules, regulations
and contracts continue to expand. Involvement in a number of non-Cascade amateur and professional
race events as well as our normal Cascade Races, Driver Training events, Rally events, Charitable
programs, worker training efforts, promotional efforts, and social events all require considerable time
commitments, management expertise and effort. Although the club is financially strong and able to
weather financial instability, we are very short on new Board Member candidates who are
ready and able to assist with managing all aspects of the club. There will come a time
in the very near future when we will lose the few people we have left with the tribal knowledge to
manage the club effectively. We can’t wait till that happens. We need new people willing to step into
their shoes, learn the ropes, and take over for them while they are still available to help. Becoming a
Board Member is a great way to learn how this organization and the racing community operates, apply
personal abilities, learn valuable new skills, and give back to the community. If you are a member of
CSCC, love to race cars, attend HPDE or Rally events or volunteer to work events please consider
becoming a Board Member candidate.
The Board consists of 8 members plus an alternate. 4 new members are elected each year and 4 return
for their second year. Elections are held at the November General meeting. Per our bylaws, we are to
present a slate of (at least) 8 nominees at the September meeting. Additional nominees can be
accepted up until the ballots are completed in mid-October. If you have questions about the positions
or process, please contact any one of the Board members for answers. We would very much love to
hear from you.
Steve Powell, CSCC Board Member at steve@smytheco.com
Bob Peters, CSCC Board Member at 393bpeters@gmail.com

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