It is very important that requests for reimbursement be documented on an Expense Report.   There area a number of reasons for this.

1.  Addresses changes. There have been numerous instances were reimbursement checks were sent to a previous address and subsequently lost.

2.  Newer members will not have addresses in the quick book system causing delays in getting the checks sent to the requester.

3.  Older members who have not asked for reimbursement for a long time will not have an addresses in the quick books system.

4.  E-mailed copies of receipts can be very difficult to read and interpret,  especially credit or debit card receipts or receipts from on line purchases.

5.  Signed expense forms are very good proof that requester asked for reimbursement.

6.  Expense reports help the treasurer to determine where the expense should be posted.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


To download a blank expense report which you can fill out by hand Click Here

To Download an excel spreadsheet which you can fill in and print Click Here