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Cascade Sports Car Club Driver Training / Track Day Dates for 2021 Have been announced  We’ll see you at the track!

We’re already looking forward to improving our program next season. If you’d like to send suggestions, photos of you and your car on track or generally comment about our program don’t be shy! Give us a shout at and we’ll see you in ’21

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From novices to aspiring race car drivers, CSCC’s HPDE Track Day events let you experience the thrill of driving your car in a safe and controlled environment on a race track – Portland International Raceway. Get in, buckle up and get ready for the drive of your life!! CSCC’s HPDE Track Days offer three different groups: A beginner (novice) group, an intermediate group, and an advanced group which is for the experienced track participant. In the ​HPDE Novice ​group, you will be paired with an instructor who will work with you to safely navigate Portland International Raceway! You will learn the secrets and techniques of car control, the correct line around a racetrack, and more. You’ll begin the morning with speeds which are most comfortable to you and then build up by the end of the day to speeds which should only be achieved in a controlled environment aka a race track! The goal is for you to learn more about your car and become a better driver while enjoying the thrill of driving on a race track! In the ​HPDE Intermediate ​group, you will be paired with an instructor who will work with you to improve on skills already learned and work with you on some new advanced techniques. This group is designed for the person who has prior track experience, be it minimal or extensive. The goal is for you to improve on consistency and work on aspects of driving that you would like to improve on. In the ​HPDE Advanced ​group, you will not be paired with an instructor except for possibly the first session. This is a club day environment where the goal is to enjoy a day at the race track driving fast and safe with friends and other enthusiasts who share your same passion. Flow in this group is excellent with the more experienced drivers!

WHICH GROUP SHOULD I SIGN UP FOR​? ​If you’ve never been on track before or have very limited track experience, sign up for the ​HPDE Novice​ group. If you would like an instructor and have prior track experience, sign up for the HPDE Intermediate​ group. If you have a minimum of three days of track experience within the last 2 years and are seeking a lapping day, sign up for the HPDE Advanced​ group. If you are seeking a Competition License, sign up for either the HPDE Novice or Intermediate groups, depending on your prior experience. Please contact the Event Chairperson with any questions. Whether you are just beginning your very first track day or have so many track days under your belt that you’ve lost count, you can be sure that you will have an incredible day at Portland International Raceway with Cascade Sports Car Club! EVENT INFORMATION CSCC’s HPDE Track Day events include classroom sessions for the HPDE Novice group participants which covers car control basics such as how gas pedal, brake pedal, and steering wheel inputs affect the balance of a vehicle. The “racing” line, shifting techniques, and a whole lot more are also covered. These sessions are in-between the on track sessions where you are able to put this newly learned knowledge to use. Typically, CSCC rotates four groups throughout the day, each session being about 20 minutes in length. Usually participants will receive four sessions on track. HPDE Novice: ​After a morning briefing, “Novice” participants will ride around the track with their instructor who will familiarize you with the track, turn stations, the correct line, braking markers, and more. After this brief session, your first classroom session begins where you are introduced to the basics of high performance driving. Then you will take to the track with your instructor riding along in the passenger seat. The morning is all about you learning the track, the line, and braking points. There is a maximum speed limit in the morning and limited passing is allowed the first session to help you to be able to focus on the track! Prior to each on-track session there are classroom sessions that address progressively more advanced high performance driving techniques. For the on-track session throughout the day, as you become more comfortable, speed limits increase and passing is allowed in more designated sections. At the end of the day your instructor will fill out an evaluation form which gives you input as to your strengths and areas that could use some improvement. As you leave the track with a big grin on your face, you’ll think to yourself how fun and rewarding that day was!!
HPDE Intermediate: ​This group is typically for the participant who has prior track experience but who is looking to improve in certain areas of their driving. After a morning briefing, HPDE Intermediate participants are more than welcome to participate in the morning drive around with their instructor. Your first session on track is less restrictive than the HPDE Novice group but it is still geared towards you being able to concentrate on learning new techniques. After your first session, speed limits open up and passing in designated sections is allowed. At the end of the day your instructor will fill out an evaluation form which will show you how you improved. HPDE Advanced: ​This group is for the experienced track participant who has either verifiable experience with another recognized organization or has received approval from a prior CSCC instructor for the HPDE Advanced group. There are no speed limits and passing is allowed in designated sections. The morning briefing goes over the passing areas and rules. HPDE Advanced participants are held to a high standard due to their experience and the fact that an instructor will most likely not be in the car. Drive smart and safe! We enforce a “one strike” rule with HPDE. If you make one error that you should have known better, you’ll be moved back into the novice school and will have to begin all over again to earn your HPDE status.

ADDITIONAL INFO ●  You must be at least 18 years old and possess a current valid Driver’s license. ●  Helmets are required, either SnellM2005 or SA2005 or newer .Rental helmets are available for $10.00. ●  Space is limited, most groups are limited to 25 cars. ●  A typical day includes four, 20-minute sessions on track. ●  Convertibles must have a roll-bar. See “Convertible Roll Bar Requirements” ●  All cars shall have a passenger seat and seat belts securely installed for an instructor. Both driver and passenger seat belts must function properly, be in good condition, and be of a minimum three point design (shoulder and lap belt), or a 5- or 6-point harness. ​4-point harnesses will not be accepted.

  • The seat and seat belts must be equivalent for both the driver and passenger. If the driver seat is aftermarket with a properly routed 5-point safety harness, then the instructor needs to have the same.
  • Convertibles have different belt requirements. See “Convertible Roll Bar Requirements”
  • Open toed shoes and / or shorts are not allowed.
  • Cars shall be in good mechanical condition. Tires should be in good condition,   the wheels properly tightened, and plenty of brake pad.
  1.  Arrive at the track between 6:45 am – 7:15 am.
  2.  Sign the waiver at the gate and receive your wristband. This wristband must  be worn at all times throughout the day.
  3.  Check in at registration. Show registration your Driver’s License.  At  registration you will receive a schedule, your run group assignment, a tech   form, and a number to help us identify you. Attach your number to the outside  of the upper driver’s side corner of your front windshield and line your car up  in the appropriate run group for tech inspection.
  1.  If you have rented or need to rent a helmet, registration will be able to assist  you.
  2.  Check the schedule for time and place of the Mandatory Driver’s Meeting, and  then of course attend. Typically the Driver’s Meeting  is held around 7:45 am.   At the conclusion of the Drivers Meeting, return to your car and wait for your  instructor (if you’re in one of  the school groups) to find you and get situated for your first track session.
  3.  There will be a “Recon Lap Tour” for novice drivers, with an instructor giving   first timers a low speed tour of the track. During this tour, which is usually 3-4  laps, the essential landmarks will be pointed out, such as turn stations, cones  indicating turn-in points, corner apexes, etc. These laps are essential for you to understand how things work and what to look for on track.
  4.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day and mind your fatigue level -both  physical and mental. There is no shame in sitting out a session if you’re feeling overwhelmed or tired.

Q: ​Do I have to be a member of Cascade to participate in this event? A: ​No, membership is not required. Cascade members do receive a discount. Q: ​Can passengers ride along with me? A: ​No, only your instructor is allowed to ride with you. Friends and family are welcome to attend and watch. It is free to watch!! And they may be able to get to ride along with one of our instructors on track during the lunch break! Q: ​Are convertibles allowed? A: ​Yes, but additional safety equipment is required. See “Convertible Roll Bar Requirements” Q: ​How are instructors assigned? A: ​We try to pair instructors with cars they are familiar with in order to give the best feedback to the participant. If for whatever reason you don’t click with your instructor, please request to have a different one. Every attempt will be made to find one who suits you. Q: ​Does the event run rain or shine? A: ​Yes  Q: ​Does my car insurance cover me for this event? A: ​Most insurance companies do not cover you for a track event. It is best to check with your insurance company. There are companies who do provide track day insurance for an additional cost. Q: ​What is your Cancellation Policy? A: ​Our current cancellation/refund policy: ● If you cancel 7 days or more prior to the event, you will receive a full refund. (Credit card charges are typically processed on the day of the event.) ●  If you cancel 6 days – 48 hours prior to the event, a $50 cancellation fee applies. ●  Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the event or a “No Show” on the day of the event receives no refund.

Q: Is there fuel for sale at the track? A: No, there are no automotive services available at the racetrack. There are nearby filling stations and parts stores, but it’s a good idea to arrive prepared for the day. Q: Is there food service available at the track A: Sometimes – but not always. There are concession stands, but their schedule is not controlled by our club or track day organizer. There are nearby restaurants, but if you’d like to participate in the instructor noon time rides (highly recommended) you might want to bring your own food and water. Many drivers prefer to have several smaller snacks or food throughout the day rather than one heavy meal. If you would like to download all of the above information (good idea!) Please click THIS LINK. Feel free to print it out to use as reference before and during the event.

Still have questions? Get in touch with our HPDE coordinator at:

Portland International Raceway

On a “Chicane Event” the  entire track is used. On a “Non-Chicane Event” turns 1,2 & 3 are bypassed. In spite of how it appears on the map above, there is track there… What this does is make the front straight longer and faster. Turn 4 becomes the first turn at the end of the front straightaway.

Thanks for checking out our events and we’ll see you at the racetrack!

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