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In short, events just cannot happen without them. 

Volunteers are responsible for areas such as:

Flagging and Communications – They are the eyes and ears of the drivers

Race Course Preparation – Track set up and support

Safety and Incident Response – Aid the drivers during an incident on track

Tech Inspection – Make sure cars and safety gear are track ready

Timing and Scoring – Keep track of lap times and running order

Registration – Check in drivers before the event and assist in making changes

Pit/Pre-Grid – Stage racecars prior to going on course and monitor pit lane/paddock

Driver Services – Prepares copies of results and distributes trophies

As you can see from all the different specialties, it takes a small army of volunteers to put on a motorsports event!

Why do people volunteer for motorsports events?  The biggest reason is their passion for motorsports.  Being part of an event knowing that their contribution plays a huge role in making the race happen is extremely rewarding.

Why do volunteers continue to volunteer event after event?  Because of the people, the camaraderie, the friendships gained and the stories told at the end of the day (aka bench racing)!

Experienced volunteers are more than happy to train new enthusiasts during a race weekend.  As a matter of fact, that is the best way to learn!  Come join the racing family we’ve all come to love!


Q:  How much time is required of a volunteer?

A:  As much time as you would like but typically 1-2 hours, half day, or full day

Q:  Do I have to be a member of the club to volunteer?

A:  Absolutely not

Q:  Where are the races held?

A:  Cascade’s races are held at Portland International Raceway.  Cascade is a member of the ICSCC which sanctions races in Northwest Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada.  Race tracks on the schedule include Portland International Raceway in Portland, Oregon; Oregon Raceway Park in Grass Valley, Oregon; Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington; The Ridge in Shelton, Washington; Spokane County Raceway in Spokane, Washington; and Mission Raceway in Mission B.C.  A typical ICSCC season is 10 weekends a year usually from April – October.  Additionally, there are a few “Pro” racing events like the Indy car races.

For more information on how to join our volunteer family don’t hesitate to get in touch. Use the e-mail address below and THANK YOU!



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