There is a CHANGE to the entry to PIR for this event – all entries are through the FRONT GATE  (due to other activities on Broadacre) to Start/Finish . There is no early entry on Friday until 5:00pm.  Due to the lineup for the Drag Races, for entry AFTER 5:00pm, please use the following:  Proceed down entry road – Turn right at first entry to South Paddock – Proceed to right side of drag staging lanes – Proceed to “Club Pit In” Road – Continue down back straight – Turn left at Turn 8 entry to North Paddock.  Here is a link to a map-  note that if you print the map in black and white, the arrows will not be visible.  Be sure to share this information with your crew, family and friends who might be coming out on Friday or Saturday afternoon or evening.

Please click the link below to view a map.

Map- traffic to North Paddock


Grace Skinner Registrar

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